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Holiday Sale 2020

  • Furniture: Sofa, Dining Sets, Beds are 20% off the list prices. (Except for some items)
  • The price tags for used items show already discounted prices more than 20%.
  • Interior items like throws, slippers, rugs, table wares all 20% off
  • Follow us on Instagram, and you will have another 5% Off. 5% discount applies to Instagram followers all seasons.

Holiday Sale

sale 1

Holiday Sale is held until December 25th.

Before entering the shop

sale 2

Please sanitize your hands before entering the shop.

Safe Shopping

sale 3

Checking mask wearing and temperature.


sale 4

Festive decorations for your home.

Holiday Gifts

sale 5

Gifts items are all 20% off from the list prices.

Noritake Tableware

sale 6

Noritake China, made in Japan, are also for sale.

Japanese Tableware

sale 7

Japanese tea cups, plates, umbrella stands, etc.

Asian Antiques

sale 8

Antique cabinets, Buddha heads and many more.

Used Furniture

sale 9

Please go up to the 2nd floor to see used furniture for sale.