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ID 101365_SL-BR_used_22003811
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Ceiling Fan Lamp (Used)

SKU 22003811
Item No. #101365 Silver-Brown/ FLYMEe
Size: W133 x D133 x H30.5 cm
Weight: 6.4 Kg
Electric bulb to use: Exclusive LED 20W  950lm  3000K
The lighting up pattern: 100%→70%→50%→30%
Fan(Blade): High speed/Middle speed/Low speed  back reverse
With remote control
Material:  Body: Steel/Fan: Paulownia/Shade: Glass

Ceiling fan with solid wood blades. Since it is an integrated LED, there is no need for troublesome bulb replacement, and a flat and clean design has been achieved. It is possible to change the rotation speed and dimming with the attached remote control.
Dedicated LED is replaceable. Please inquire if you wish to do so.
List Price: ¥ 47000
Price: ¥2,800 ¥3,080 incl.Tax

The price above is a monthly payment for the rental.
Inquire delivery fee.