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Corner Sofa (Leather) (Used)

SKU 21206990
Item No. NATUZZI EDITIONS  A397-018LAF-I/A397-201RAF-I 
Size: W312 x D220-95 x H85(SH45) cm
Color: White
Leg: Dark brown(Wood)

Corner sofa (large 2-piece set)
A397-018LAF-I(One arm)
Size: W95 x D220 x H82(SH45) cm
Size: W210 x D95 x H82(SH45) cm
This sofa is previously used, has wrinkles, and the color has partially changed. 
Please confirm the door and elevator size, as this product is large. No return due to the stains, scratches, or size.

List Price: ¥ 585000
Price: ¥50,000 ¥55,000 incl.Tax

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