2 Side Chairs Set (Used)
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CODE 21705056
2 Side Chairs Set (Used)
Item No. All Plastic Chair/04 ivy two-tone / Vitra
Size: W42.5 x D46 x H76(SH44.5) cm
Material: Polypropylene

The simple design of this ALL Plastic Chair reminds us of european classic
wooden chairs. However instead of using wood, it is made of a new material
with design and usability in mind.
The flat parts are molded one by one. The seat surface is designed with
natural lines, and the back is designed by comparing with design of
traditional wooden chairs, to make it thin while strong.
The result of this is a compact, yet elegant chair.
The frame itself is made of durable polypropylene which does not bend
easily, while the seat and the back is more soft to adapt to the person
It rests on rubber shafts for flexibility and comfort, and enhances the
experience more than one can expect from the looks of it.
The all plastic chair uses 2 types of plastics.
The seat is a darker tone, while the back has a more lighter tone.
This way of combining different brightnesses of the same color one could say
is something new and revolutionary.
Keeping the classic inspiration of earlier europeans chairs, while blending
in the modern nuances, we got a chair no one has never seen before.
Due to the strong plastic materials this chair is made of it can also be
used outdoors, and also not only for home use, but cafes and restaurants or
other public spaces.
(AZABU Display)
List Price: ¥58,000 + Tax
Price: ¥3,600 (¥3,960 incl.Tax)