Corner Sofa (Leather) (Used) #1Corner Sofa (Leather) (Used) #2
ID B748-019RAF-I_B748-047LAF-I_used

Corner Sofa (Leather) (Used)

tem No. B748-019RAF-I/B748-047LAF-I
One Arm Sofa(B748-019RAF-I) 
Chaise Long(B748-047LAF-I)
Size: W327 x D171 x H89(SH45) cm
Color: 10BL(Ivory)
leather sample
Seat: Leather

This sofa is larger than usual and has a modern appearance with a button tufted design, making it recommended for rooms with large living spaces.

List Price: ¥ 577000
Price: ¥21,800 ¥23,980 incl.Tax

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