2 Garden Chairs Set (Used)
ID CB/1459_P94_used_21703161
CODE 21703161
2 Garden Chairs Set (Used)
Item No. GAMERA/CB-1459 P94
Size: W53 x D53 x H82(SH45)cm
Color: Matto optic white
Material: Fiber-reinforced nylon
*Stackable for easy storing

Light weight stacking chair. The design of the back stands out with its
design. The legs are slim so even with many of these chairs, it does not
look to packed.
This is a outside chair, but feel free to use inside as well.
Due to the air molding technology we achieved both strength and lightness at
the same time. It can also be used for public spaces such as halls or
Up to 6 chairs can be stacked.

List Price: ¥44,000 + Tax
Price: ¥2,600 (¥2,860 incl.Tax)