ID Calando3-K_L195_used_21408128
Manufacturer SEALY

King-Size Mattress (1matt.) (Used)

SKU 21408128
Item No. CalandoⅢ-K
Size:W181 x L195 x H28cm

Posture Tech Coil
1 Mattress

Filling: 7 layers each on front and back / Outer fabric: Jacquard weave (100% polyester) / Cushion layer: Water-absorbing and quick-drying antibacterial synthetic cotton, SS urethane, urethane, antibacterial non-woven fabric, synthetic felt, urethane, new hard felt.
Compatible fitted sheet: H35 type
List Price: ¥ 187000
Price: ¥9,500 ¥10,450 incl.Tax

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