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ID Essentials-EPT-EK_used_21808583
Manufacturer SEALY

Eastern King Size Mattress (1matt.) (Used)

SKU 21808583
Item No. Essentials-EPT(Euro Pillow Top)-EK
Size: W193 x L203 x H33 cm

Product information

posture tech coil
"Posture Tech Coil" that changes the repulsive force according to the applied load The unique angled sensory arm increases the repulsive force as the load is applied. Light areas are soft and heavy areas are firmly supported, providing the optimum support required by each part of the body.

center support
New technology "Center Support" that strengthens the support of the back and waist
About 60% of your body weight is applied to the "lumbar (spine) area", which is about 1/3 of the mattress area.
By putting a special padding in this central part and densely quilting the outer fabric, we have strengthened the support for the load.
This is a new technology that reinforces the core of the body to maintain correct posture and increase durability.

Padding : 10 layers (including center support layer)
Outer fabric: Knit (83% polyester, 17% rayon
Cushion layer: synthetic cotton, soft urethane, profile urethane, antibacterial nonwoven fabric, nonwoven gel memory foam (center support) soft urethane, soft urethane, urethane, new hard felt
IL : Posture Tech Coil
Edge support: Urethane case
Compatible fitted sheet: H40 type
*Made in Japan
*1-Piece Mattress
*One side use(Ventilation is good, but the front and back cannot be rotated) 

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