ID HV-B50-W_used_21305796
Manufacturer SHARP

Humidifier (Used)

SKU 21805796
Item No. HV-B50-W Hybrid type  Plasmacluster 7000
Size: W38.5 x D17 x H37.2 cm
Weight: 4.4 kg
Amount of humidification: 500ml/h
Water tank capacity: 4L
Applicable floor space: 13.77㎡(Wooden house), 22.68㎡(Prefabricated Western-style)
Timer: 2/4 hour timer
Power cord: 1.8 m

I sanitize a dirt of the highly-concentrated plasma cluster 7000 deployment air.
It is energy saving, a static sound by hybrid humidification.
A wide-mouthed tank that is easy to disassemble and allows you to reach inside is easy to clean.

Price: ¥500 ¥550 incl.Tax

The price above is a monthly payment for the rental.
Inquire delivery fee.