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ID S837-R-A2031-11A_used_New_Cover
Manufacturer Norheim

Corner Sofa (Fabric) (New Cover)

Item No. S837-R-A2031-11A
Used body with new fabric cover
Size: W288 x D163 x H82(SH43) cm
Color: Blue Gray
Material: Fabric (AA2031-11A)
Leg Color: Matt Black
Leg material: steel

The blue-gray fabric color makes this corner sofa stylish.
The legs are shaped with a slight angle which adds to the design, yet they are slim so the whole sofa sits very lightly when placed in your living room or any other spaces.
The arm parts can be disassembled which makes it easy to bring up narrow elevators etc.
List Price: ¥ 352000
Price: ¥28,000 ¥30,800 incl.Tax

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Manufacturer Norheim
Corner Sofa (Fabric) (Used)
Manufacturer Norheim
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