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Comments from Our Customers ( Testimonials)



New 2022-8-30

Dear K-san,

I want to congratulate you and your team for the good job during the move-in day.
We appreciated the professional work. Thank to all Tokyo Lease team.

Best regards, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, Cordialement

Mr. C


Hi M-san

Please extend our thanks to the team who set up the furniture on Friday. They did an outstanding job and were very swift and professional.


Ms. C



First I want to say thank you for the support. Also, your delivery team was courteous, polite and very professional.
Please communicate that we were very pleased with them and they did an excellent job.


Mr. D



Everything went smoothly and we are very thankful for such beautiful furniture and set up prior to our arrival.
Thank you to your team and F-san for your assistance and support.

Best Regards,

Ms. K


Hi K-san

Thank you for the delivery service. The staff on Thursday was very quick and professional.

Thank you

Mr. K



The crew are amazing, they are super careful and I would love to give my comments.
Thank you M-san.


Ms. L



Hello. All is good.
I have received all the additional furniture and items. These things are good, and they make my apartment much more comfortable. Thank you for fitting them into the budget.
Thank you to you and the delivery staff for "making it easy."


Mr. B



The delivery was completed yesterday.
Delivery staff was pleasant and skilled, as usual, though they are young.
Thank you so much.

Mr. K




Thank you - the sofa arrived safely today and your delivery team were fantastic as always.

Mr. J


I am grateful for your quick and polite responses as usual.
Thank you so much.

HR Div. Ms. K


Dear Y san

Thank you for your help. The furniture arrived and now I am organizing my things.
The delivery professionals are very fast and good.
I will take good care of the furniture.
Thank you so much.
Best Regards,

Ms. N



A and I wanted to thank you again for all your help for the past 8 years and also thank Tokyo Lease for its great service it has provided us since 2002.

We also wanted to let you know how great is the new look of your showroom. It looks like you all really have work hard to make sure everything looks modern and up to date and importantly very inviting and welcoming. Job well done.

We will always recommend Tokyo Lease to all our friends moving to Tokyo.

All the best,

B Family



Thank you and the crew for today - the flat is really feeling like our new home!
The crew were very professional and accommodating - your team makes it very easy for us.
Yes, very glad you could make it before Olympic start as road access maybe more challenging after next week...
Many thanks!

Mr. S


Thank you T-san!

With your assistance, I believe we did quite well! We are discussing priority of things needed.
Thank you again and please thank the staff at the warehouse! They accommodated and were wonderfully proactive as you were. Made the process smooth.

Ms. S


( to Y)

Your team was very professional today, I pointed out that the item that need adjustments such as the wobbly chairs but all-in-all everything worked out great over the last 3 years.
I appreciate all your support and hard work.

Ms. J

Comments from the Manager
We are sorry for the wobbly chairs. We replace leased products with defects upon the customers request as soon as possible.



Thank you very much for your help. When I met your staff last October, I was impressed buy their smooth and skilled work. As more expats will be coming in future, I would appreciate your help in advance.

Ms. O


Dear T-san,

We got our dining table and chairs yesterday and we love it! Thank you so much for all your help!
The delivery staffs were very professional and thorough too, I really appreciate it. We look forward to our pictures!

Ms. Y


Hi H-san,

Hope this finds you well. I'm writing this to give a special appreciation for the movers who brought all furniture to my room yesterday.
Even under the tough situation my apartment elevator was, they did their best to bring everything properly to my room and set up everything in a very timely manner. So I'd like to let you know and share my appreciation and pleasure.
Thank you again.

Ms. X


Hi !

Your guys this morning were great!
So professional and very respectful of the sleeping baby, I really appreciated it if you could please extend my thanks to them!

Ms. S


Dear T-san,

We had moved in our apartment yesterday. Tokyo Lease Team was very efficient and the furniture and all the equipment are very good.
Thank you very much for the organization/coordination.
We start thinking about additional objects we might need.

Ms. M



Dear T-san,

Thanks for setting up the apartment.
The team has done an amazing job and it is meeting my expectations.
The apartment is perfect.

Mr. Q


To A

Thanks for your help.
It (the delivery) all seemed to go well.
Staff were lovely.

Mr. H


Dear F-sama,

Thank you for delivering furniture yesterday.
Delivery was smooth and the staff carefully arranged and was kind.
I really appreciate your delivery staff for setting up in a difficult situation.
I am also looking forward to having new items.
I appreciate your support in advance.
(Translation from Japanese)

Mr. H


Hi T-san,

The crew did an amazing job and we are really very happy with our new set up in the apartment.
So thank you to you and the team for making this process as simple as possible.
Thanks again for your help

Mr. H


To: the Manager of Tokyo lease

Sub: Appreciation
As always great polite excellent service by Tokyo Lease Staff.
Today they delivered rack.
Thank you

Mr. G


Dear T-san,

Thanks a lot for arranging the furniture delivery last Saturday, the crew was very professional.



Tokyo Lease Corporation Y-sama

Thank you for the delivery today.
Furniture is all clean and beautiful.
We talked about our choice of using your company was good.
The delivery staff are all police and kind.
Thank you so much.

(Translation from Japanese)

Mr. T


Good morning T & M-san,

Firstly, thank you for your help with the short term leasing. All the furniture arrived on time and was set up quickly and efficiently – the movers did a great job. Please pass on my thanks.
Please note that I have not finalized the furniture that I will be leasing long term. I am still in the process of this and will get back to you shortly. Kind regards,

Mr. G

(Note)When a customer moves from overseas, having short-term temporary rental first and take some time to choose long term rental furniture is a great option to jump start your life.



Dear M-san,

Everything went well today with the Tokyo Lease furniture delivery. The staff was very efficient and very careful. All the items look good and will work fine till we can order some new furniture with you and till our shipment gets here.
thank you for the smooth coordination of the process and I look forward to finalizing the rest of the rentals with you.
Best regards,

Mr. P


Tokyo Lease Corporation
Thank you for your flexible service today.
Mr. Sakurai who came first made prompt arrangement, and your staff who came in the evening also did fast job.
I really appreciate your support and cooperation.
Warm regards,

K-sama (International Mover)


Hi MT san,
Thank you for stopping by yesterday. B san is very pleased with all services like your suggestions, delivery people's manner of Tokyo Lease.

Warm regards,

Ms. K (Relocation)


Dear MH san,
Thank you very much for the excellent service. We are glad we chose your company.
We would like to offer our special thanks, compliments and gratitude to the 3 strong guys doing all the physical work. They were very kind, polite, careful and efficient.
The only issue as you know is the one drawer in the cabinet that you could not install. For the moment, we agree to be home .. to enable you to put the repaired drawer in place.

Kind regards,

Mr. T


Ms. MH

I would like to thank you for the delivery team of Tokyo Lease who very efficiently managed the delivery.
I am also very impressed by the politeness and professionalism of the team.
Please accept my appreciation.
Yours faithfully.

Mr. G


TF san,

The delivery yesterday for Mr. E has done well.
All your staff were very kind and friendly though 2 children kept following and asked them many questions. Mr. E and his wife appreciated their gesture, and of course your delivery arrangement.

Ms. K ( Relocation)



I wanted to let you know that you have been absolutely awesome to deal with throughout my stay in Japan, and I have provided that feedback to my relocation and company contacts as well. It has been such an easy and pleasant experience in all dealing I have had with you personally, and other Tokyo Lease staff. I wish you all the best in the future.

Ms. C


(Delivery was an) Excellent service. Very professional and happy smiling people. Ken Enoki, Fukuda san and Sakurai san were excellent. I highly recommend them. Good luck.

Mr. S

New! 2019-6-1


You have been such a pleasure to work with from the very first e-mail you sent me while in (the US state), to all the support and design assistance you have given our family here in Tokyo. We love our apartment with all the cool furniture in it. It's both practical and also stylish. Thank you!

Ms. S



Despite narrow stairs, your staff did a great job in delivering a refrigerator to our client's home. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Ms. N (Relocation Service)



I found your staff did very good job for the delivery and setting up the bed nicely.
I really appreciate the good work your people did.
Everything looks good. Thanks again.

Mr. Y


Hello M-san,

Your team were here on time. All furniture requested have been installed and cleaned with great efficiency.
I'm very happy with the quality service you and your team have provided. Much appreciated.

Mrs. M


Dear K-san, (Tokyo Lease Manager)

I am writing to you to acknowledge Ms. M for all her efforts and patience in helping us get the appropriate furniture for our home. Over the past 3 months, I have been interacting with M-san. I found her to very professional and extremely patient in dealing with my family and me. She understood our requirements and provided valuable suggestions to help us with our request. Even when we spent long hours at the warehouse looking through furniture, M-san patiently helped us. She personally supervised the moving of the furniture to our place. She has gone the extra mile in everything she did.
She has made dealing with Tokyo Lease Corporation an extremely pleasant experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending the company to my friends and colleagues.
You are extremely fortunate to have an colleague like M-san.
I hope you also recognize her efforts and hard work.
M-san: A special thank you and keep up the good work.

Best Regards

Dr. D



T san,

Thank you for long time of work yesterday, which was the last of the big project this year.
This year, many expats arrived to Japan. Without your fast and flexible work, completing this project was not possible.
I really appreciate your conscientious work.
Thank you also for managing 2 deliveries both in the morning and afternoon on a busy year end day.
Although the volume was so large, your staff set them all up in a cheerful manner, even with jokes, which gave me a great relief.
Your afternoon staffs had do deliver in a house with a difficult access, but they all worked out with ingenuity.
I really appreciate Tokyo Lease team work
Next year, more expats will come for the expansion project.
Your continued support will be much appreciated.
Wishing you a happy new year.

Ms. K ( HR )


K san,

I just wanted to let you know that when Tokyo Lease staffs picked up furniture at Ms. A's house, they greeted courteously to her and were very agreeable.
Best Regards,

Ms. T ( Relocation)


T san,

Thank you very much for your great support.
You are always smiling and cheerful. I appreciate your kind and caring help to our needs.
You spent a lot of time for the consultation, using highlight on each modification, which facilitated us to follow. I really appreciate your continued support.

The delivery staffs are kind, careful and fast, never complained to our request of detailed adjustment to satisfy us. Thank you so much.
Best Regards,

Mrs. K


Hello Ms. MK

All the new furniture has been delivered to my apartment and everything looks very beautiful.
And your staff is very kind and courteous and they did a great job of setting everything up.
Thank you again for your great service and support. I really appreciate it.

Yours very truly

Mr. Y

New! 2018-11-2


The dryer machine was changed successfully.
The technician did a great job.
Thank you very much.

Mr. E


Dear MT-san,

Thank you for the fast delivery today and the welcome gift.

Best Regards,

Mr. S



The furniture delivery yesterday afternoon went very well/smooth; you have a great moving team.
The furniture also looks good.


Mr. D


Dear Eri-San,

Thank you so much for meeting with us.
Tokyo Lease is a large part of the expatriate and Tokyo American Club community.
...The beautiful pillows and table runners that you donated to our event were wonderfully received by the raffle winners. The recipients were so excited when their name was called to receive their gift. The items will make a beautiful contribution to their new residences.
We wish to extend our deepest thank you and look forward to collaborating with you...

With sincere gratitude,

Ms. W


Dear MY:

The team did a great job and were patient with me as I could not find a cab in the rain so I was 7 minutes late! All is well. Thanks for your time and we will be in touch in regard to the arrival of our belongings.


Mr. S


Dear KK-san,

Your team is really good. Everything finished and very clean within 2 hours! And very friendly, too.


Mr. F


Dear TF-san!

Please forward my feedback to your staff who came to my place this Tuesday.
The staff were very professional and kind. They did a great job and we had some good talk during their visit. Think it's great that they are themselves and not being over-polite if you know what I mean.
Next time I'll treat them with a beer.

Best Regards,

Mr. J


Dear MK-san,

Let me send you by mail my best thanks for the support you have given to our family, your kindness and advice was very much appreciated.
This morning everything went perfectly. The people from Tokyo Lease were really professional.
It was all set in just a little more than 1 hour.
Thank you again for everything.

Best Regards,

Mr. B


Dear MK-san,

I stationed in Japan 3 times since 1990th, but there is no other furniture shop like this in Tokyo. I really love the service and staff. Please stay in this place if developers ask you to move.

Mr. Y

* Note from the shop manager: There is a big urban renewal project going on in Azabudai area, right next to our shop. But we are not moving, and continue to do the business here as long as our customers support us.


Dear T-San:

Just a quick note to let you know that we were very pleased with your services.
I'd be grateful if you could confirm of our payment at your earliest convenience.
Once again, thanks so much for all of your support.

Mr. U


Hello Tokyolease team,

Yesterday I received the last items and now everything is fine.
Thank you very much for your great support and I will recommend you to other people.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Kind regards

Mr. L



Thank you for your ongoing support. I was very surprised to see your delivery team was very efficient and had a great care in detail.
Rented furniture is quite satisfactory
Size of the curtains are well fit to the room.
Thank you so much! Our family all love them.

Mr. J



First of all, I would like to give you a feedback on the delivery that I had last Friday.
It went all very well, very efficient and nice person!
They took good care of the furniture and also the house, and everything was done in very short time with very good quality and politeness!
So thanks again.

Mr. P



Sorry for the delay in sending my note. I wanted to say thank you to the Tokyo Lease team for the delivery of our furniture on Monday.
The team showed up exactly on time, they took care to protect the building before starting, and they were very efficient in their work to set-up the furniture.
All of the furniture is in good condition, no problem!
Have a nice weekend!

Mr. B



Thank you for your service and attention to all the fine details. Thank you to your team of movers/installers - they were excellent! So quick, efficient, careful, courteous, such professionals! Thank you also for the welcome package!
The gray curtains look fantastic! The oven is perfect for the size of our kitchen!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mr. H



Thank you for your ongoing support.
About the curtains, I will check with the assignee and get back to you.
When the furniture was delivered, he was impressed with your staff's careful and speedy work.
I appreciate your team.

HR Div. Mr. M



The chairs seem fine. You don't need to replace them unless you really want to.
Also, the curtains were installed by the property owner last Friday so I sent temporary curtains you sent back with the delivery people.
By the way, they did an amazing job. Please tell them how pleased I was with how fast and how professional they worked.

Mr. C


Hello MY-san,

The furniture and electrical appliances have been received.
Jun-san and his team member were so good and I really appreciate their effort. Please convey my big THANK YOU!

Mr. M



Hi KK-san,

... First, I wanted to let you know the delivery guys were great, very efficient and polite. I also don't recall who suggested the ceiling lamps, but I absolutely love them and would not have been happy with the apartment lighting alone. I highly recommend telling others to get those.
Thank you,

Ms. C


Hi TF san,

Your delivery team worked very efficiently. All delivery went smoothly. (The customer) was very surprised at their professional work and we all pleased with it. Thank you again for your all advice, patient and cooperation.
I talked with (the customer) about visiting the showroom. I will come along with them.
Best Regards,

Ms. K ( Relocation Company)


Dear TF-san

I just want to extend my thanks for all the help that we have received from Tokyo Lease over the past few weeks.
In particular, I would like to thank you for your excellent communication, availability and professionalism that has been a great help to us, as we ourselves have not had as much time as we would like.
I would also like to thank the delivery crew that delivered and installed the new furniture over the weekend. They were always polite and friendly and showed good initiative in coping with stairs and other difficulties presented by our particular house. They even helped us to move the old refrigerator that we have bought from you down the stairs, for which we are extremely appreciative.
Once again, many thanks for all your help.

Best Regards

Mrs. C and Mrs. Y


Hello TF-san

Thank you for the smooth delivery and setup of all the furniture. The personnel present did a very good job.
Please do pass our appreciation to the team.


Mr. and Mrs. J and B



It was so nice to see you, and everyone is so friendly and helpful. They did such a beautiful job with the furniture!
Yes, everyone is very excited about the furniture. Kids are jumping around trying everything out. We sat on the terrace upstairs and played cards this afternoon after school.
Have a good week!

Mrs. V


Dear TF-san

Thank you so much about the delivery today!
Please give my regards to those 3 helpers and thanks for their extraordinary work today!
They were super helpful and worked in such efficient manner; and by the way, they have good understanding in English, that is very appreciated.

Thanks and see you soon

Mrs. O


Dear MH

I am sending a quick note to let you know that we were very pleased with the quality of service from you and our furniture delivery team. You and Uchinuma san were particularly helpful and pleasant to deal with. Thank you for the courtesy an excellent professionalism love your company and staff.

Mr. and Mrs. D


Dear MT

I just let you know that B is very happy with the service rendered thus fur, well done!
Best Regards,

Mr. Y


Hi A,

Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team for today's delivery. Your staff were efficient and professional and the furniture delivered is perfect.
Thanks for all your help.

Mr. H


Dear MT-san

I hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for everything. For the nice experience buying a bed at Tokyo Lease, the quick convenient delivery and the fast and good pick-up of our leased furniture. It was a really nice experience and we are already recommending Tokyo Lease Corporation to our friends.
Best regards,

Ms. P


Dear MK-san,

Everything with the furniture delivery was perfect.
Thank you for arranging and please note that your team were very professional and polite.
Many thanks and best regards,

Mr. S


Hello MK-san

Many thanks for your sweet note!
Yes, the delivery went super well, your colleagues are very good, as professional as you!!
I’ll try to enjoy “hanami”, for sure!

Mr. E


Hello KK-san,

Just wanted to let you know that your delivery team did great today (as per usual).

I am thrilled with the cabinets and am getting very organized as a result. We are very happy with Tokyo Lease.
Thank you for all of your help!

Ms. M


Dear TT-san

Thank you.  Yes, the washer was replaced.

I would like to express special thanks to the two men who delivered the washer, identified the problem and thoroughly cleaned the drain and pan under the washer.  This was extra service, I think, and I really appreciate their work.  Many thanks.

Best regards,
Mr. H


TT san

I hope you are well.
Yesterday the furniture pickup finished and I thought I would send you an email. I also received the deposit back.
I was thinking and If I had bought the furniture instead of leasing, it would have been a lot of trouble and cost much to get rid of it now when moving.
I was glad I could use your furniture lease service for 1 year. It was really helpful.
The staff who came to pick up the furniture were professional and polite, and did a very good job. Please tell them I said thanks.

I wish you a great year next year as well. Happy New Year.

Ms. M