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Comments from Our Customers ( Testimonials)



New 2023-6-5

Hello K-san,

I wanted to communicate that the delivery team did an excellent job yesterday.
They were polite and professional and took their jobs seriously.
They did not bump any walls or damaged anything.
They were thorough but quick and detailed.
Thank you very much for the outstanding service

Mr. D



Thank you for all of your help picking out the furniture.
Everything looks great and we like it very much.
Also, the delivery staff was very nice and did a great job.

Mr. M



Thank you again for your kind consideration and I wanted to say that of course your crew were very polite and professional.
From beginning to end, working with you and your company has been such a pleasure and I will gladly recommend your services to anyone in my network.
My best wishes for your continued success and kind regards,

Mr. W


Many thanks, T-san.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the delivery team for your work.
The team in particular has done a great job putting together the furniture and took great care not to damage in the floor or walls in the process.
Excellent service all around!

Best Regards

Ms. L


Thank you very much T-san

The TV you sent has a beautiful picture and M is going to be very happy with the size of the screen. Your staff were very professional and efficient.
Thanks again for your help with this.

Ms. R


Hi T-san

Bed setting was complete. Delivery team did a great job - safe and efficient!
I am so happy I will be able to sleep better now.
Thank you very much!

Ms. T


Hi T-san,

Everything looks amazing! Thank you for everything. You and your team are fantastic and I truly appreciate everything you guys have done.

Thank you for everything and I hope you have an amazing day!

Ms. M



Thank you for all the help.
The team were really great last Friday with the delivery all so efficient.

Many thanks,

Ms. A



T san,

Thank you for your assistance.
The TV cabinet was fixed perfectly in a few minutes! It was like a magic! Thank you so much.

Ms. K ( Translated from Japanese)


K sama,

I appreciate your team's meticulous work as usual. Your rental products are all in good quality.
Thanks to your responsive coordination, we enjoyed our life with peace of mind.
I would definitely like to have your service again if I need in future.

Mr. I ( Translated from Japanese)


Hi A

The team have finished and left.
They did a great job and were very efficient.
Thanks for your help!

Mr. P



Hello, Just wanted to let you know that all the leased furniture has been picked up.
The crew was very efficient and kind.
Please thank them for their work.

Mr. M ( sent via relocation company )


Dear A-san,

Everything was perfect today. Your staff has done an effective job, very swift.
Thank you. This concludes a five year service. I appreciate your flexibility due to my frequent rescheduling of the departure.
I trust I will seek for your services again when I come back to Japan.
And I will recommend your services to anyone who is asking me for advice on relocation items and temporary furnishing.
I wish you the best of success.

Kind regards

Mr. B


Dear K-san,

I want to congratulate you and your team for the good job during the move-in day.
We appreciated the professional work. Thank to all Tokyo Lease team.

Best regards, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu, cordially

Mr. C


Hi M-san

Please extend our thanks to the team who set up the furniture on Friday. They did an outstanding job and were very swift and professional.


Ms. C



First I want to say thank you for the support. Also, your delivery team was courteous, polite and very professional.
Please communicate that we were very pleased with them and they did an excellent job.


Mr. D



Everything went smoothly and we are very thankful for such beautiful furniture and set up prior to our arrival.
Thank you to your team and F-san for your assistance and support.

Best Regards,

Ms. K


Hi K-san

Thank you for the delivery service. The staff on Thursday was very quick and professional.

Thank you

Mr. K



The crew are amazing, they are super careful and I would love to give my comments.
Thank you M-san.


Ms. L



Hello. All is good.
I have received all the additional furniture and items. These things are good, and they make my apartment much more comfortable. Thank you for fitting them into the budget.
Thank you to you and the delivery staff for "making it easy."


Mr. B



The delivery was completed yesterday.
Delivery staff was pleasant and skilled, as usual, though they are young.
Thank you so much.

Mr. K




Thank you - the sofa arrived safely today and your delivery team were fantastic as always.

Mr. J


I am grateful for your quick and polite responses as usual.
Thank you so much.

HR Div. Ms. K


Dear Y san

Thank you for your help. The furniture arrived and now I am organizing my things.
The delivery professionals are very fast and good.
I will take good care of the furniture.
Thank you so much.
Best Regards,

Ms. N



A and I wanted to thank you again for all your help for the past 8 years and also thank Tokyo Lease for its great service it has provided us since 2002.

We also wanted to let you know how great is the new look of your showroom. It looks like you all really have work hard to make sure everything looks modern and up to date and importantly very inviting and welcoming. Job well done.

We will always recommend Tokyo Lease to all our friends moving to Tokyo.

All the best,

B Family



Thank you and the crew for today - the flat is really feeling like our new home!
The crew were very professional and accommodating - your team makes it very easy for us.
Yes, very glad you could make it before Olympic start as road access maybe more challenging after next week...
Many thanks!

Mr. S


Thank you T-san!

With your assistance, I believe we did quite well! We are discussing priority of things needed.
Thank you again and please thank the staff at the warehouse! They accommodated and were wonderfully proactive as you were. Made the process smooth.

Ms. S


( to Y)

Your team was very professional today, I pointed out that the item that need adjustments such as the wobbly chairs but all-in-all everything worked out great over the last 3 years.
I appreciate all your support and hard work.

Ms. J

Comments from the Manager
We are sorry for the wobbly chairs. We replace leased products with defects upon the customers request as soon as possible.



Thank you very much for your help. When I met your staff last October, I was impressed buy their smooth and skilled work. As more expats will be coming in future, I would appreciate your help in advance.

Ms. O


Dear T-san,

We got our dining table and chairs yesterday and we love it! Thank you so much for all your help!
The delivery staffs were very professional and thorough too, I really appreciate it. We look forward to our pictures!

Ms. Y


Hi H-san,

Hope this finds you well. I'm writing this to give a special appreciation for the movers who brought all furniture to my room yesterday.
Even under the tough situation my apartment elevator was, they did their best to bring everything properly to my room and set up everything in a very timely manner. So I'd like to let you know and share my appreciation and pleasure.
Thank you again.

Ms. X


Hi !

Your guys this morning were great!
So professional and very respectful of the sleeping baby, I really appreciated it if you could please extend my thanks to them!

Ms. S


Dear T-san,

We had moved in our apartment yesterday. Tokyo Lease Team was very efficient and the furniture and all the equipment are very good.
Thank you very much for the organization/coordination.
We start thinking about additional objects we might need.

Ms. M