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Rental Guide

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Terms of Rental

Terms of Rental are from One month to 36 months. However, you can rent 1 day for party event with one month rent. You can lease longer term by renewing the rental contract, with discounted prices. Usually new items or bespoke items are rented over 6-months contract, but can be rented in different rates.

Rental Items

You can choose items from ...


Choose items from our website, and put them in the inquiry cart to get free quotation.


A large showroom located near Tokyo Tower have many collections. Friendly bilingual staffs will help you.

office furniture


Situated next to Rainbow Bridge, our warehouse is full of discounted items.


You can choose furniture, appliances, curtains, decorations from our partners.

Other Costs

Transportation Fees
One time Transportation fee covers delivery and pick-up of rented items.

  Central Tokyo Yokohama Other Areas
1 item 5,000 yen (+ Tax) or more 10,000 (+ Tax) or more

Please inquire
A few items 10,000 yen (+ Tax) or more 30,000 (+ Tax) or more
1 family unit Short Term: 40,000 yen + Tax or more
Long Term: 30,000 yen + Tax or more
Short Term: 50,000 yen + Tax or more
Long Term: 40,000 yen + Tax or more

Installation Fees
Installation of TV, Videos, DVD are mostly included.
Installation Fee is required when installing air conditioners, pianos and other special items which need outside contractors.

Cleaning Fees
One time reasonable cleaning fees are required when you rent linens and towels.

Deposit is required for individual customers. Corporate customers are mostly deposit-free.

Other Information

Our Staffs

Our sales, delivery and maintenance staffs are working hard to keep satisfying customers.

Q & A

Frequently Asked Question about furniture rental.

meeting room


The easiest and simplest way to furnish your home is choosing from our packages.