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Frequently Asked Questions (Q & A)

Frequently Asked Question

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Question Can I buy the leased items after the lease?

Answer Yes, you have an option to purchase the leased items at discounted price.

Question I signed a 24 months leasing contract, but I will stay one more year.  What is the monthly rental rate in this case?

Answer Please notify us before your lease expiration that you want to extend your lease.  Your monthly rental price will be discounted drastically after the original lease term.

Question Could I lease draperies?

Answer Sure! Moreover, measurement is free!  If you wish, we will make cushions and bedspreads with the same fabric with Draperies.

Question Are the electric appliances Japanese?  I can not read Japanese instructions.

Answer Most of electric appliances are for only domestic use in Japan.  However, we can prepare English instruction or explain the usage in English.

Question Could I bring back the leased electric appliances to my home country?

Answer Sure.We carry international models such as TV, DVD, Blue-Ray and Stereos which are usable in overseas.

Question Is used furniture clean?

Answer Yes. Fabric items are all shampoo-cleaned, wooden items are restored scratches and damages and polished, and also processed for microorganism elimination, sterilization, odor elimination and insecticide at our warehouse.

Question Why renting 36 month is more expensive than buy?

Answer Our rental includes maintenance cost. For example, if anything goes wrong with electric appliances, the repair cost is included during rental term.
When you rent our used items, the cost is about 40 to 50% less than new items. Our packaged rental includes such used items to offer reasonable rental prices. So actually you can rent furniture much cheaper than buying new furniture at other stores.
Buying furniture and appliances is easy, but disposing is quite difficult and expensive. If you are staying in Japan for 3 years, want to dispose of your mattress and Washing/ Drying machine, sometimes it is difficult to find somebody to buy even for free. Waste collection fee and appliance recycling fee is expensive.
With all these reasons, there are many customers who enjoy their lives until the very end of the stay in Japan, without worrying about what to do when the appliances are broken or when leaving Japan.

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