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Packaged Rental Guide

I'm busy.

What should I choose?

Designing is troublesome.

What should I choose?

No time to select furniture.

Desposing furniture is costly.

I only need furniture for one year.

Why not use packaged rental?

Packaged Rental Guide

1. Rental Items
  • Choose as many packages you like from the website.
  • Most of the items delivered will be pre-leased items. If you prefer brand new items, cancellation fee, minimum time of use and prices may be different.

2. Rental Period
  • You can choose rental period from 12 months, 24 months and 36months.

    Cancellation Fee
  • Cancelation is required if you cancell before the contract term.

3. Initial Costs
    Delivery Fee
  • Delivery fee is 22,000 Yen or up for Central Tokyo, 33,000 Yen or up for Yokohama area.(Varies according to the volume and areas.)
  • This fee include delivery, installation, assembly and clean-up packing materials.
  • Additional fee may be applicable when lifting up or down the window or carrying upstairs over 2rd floor.
  • Additional fee may be required when curing or protecting the propery is required.
  • Please confirm the doors, collidors and elevator size before ording and make sure large items will fit into your room.

  • Deposit is required at the time of the contract.
  • Deposit will be reinbursed after the ending of the rental contract if there is not damage on the items. ( Please see Clause 7)
  • If you cancel before the delivery, paid fee will be sent back to your bank account after deducting the bank fees.

4. Payment
  • Please pay initial cost at our store or send by bank transfer.
  • Please pay monthly payment by automatic bank withdrawal or bank dranster.
  • Automatic bank withdrawal will begin after two month from the application.

5. Delivery
  • Delivey is avaiable from Monday to Friday, around one week after signing the contract.
  • Please book more than 7 days in advance to secure the elivery date.
  • We will inform delivery time two business days before the delivery.
  • Change of the delivery day in free until 3 days before the scheduled date. After that, following delivery cancellation fee is applicable.
  • Until 2 business days before the scheduled date: 30% of the Delivery Fee.
  • Until 1 business day before the scheduled date: 50% of the Delivery Fee.
  • Cancellation of delivery on the same day as the delivery date: 100%

6. After the Rental Period
  • After the rental period, you can purchase the goods you like.
  • Please book pick-up date one month before.
  • Pick-up after the rental period is free.
  • Cancellation before the contract duration maybe subject to the pick-up charge.
  • Unless you notify us your request of termination, the contaract will be renewed every month automatically.

7. Replacement and compensation of the rental items
  • Please notify us if you find mul-function or fault in the rental items.
  • We will arrange replacement, reparing.
  • Such arrangement may be paid by the customer depending on the usage and time used as shown below.
  • In case of natural disaster, if the items are damaged beyond repair, customers are not respnsible for the damage, however, we do not deliver replacement.
    Examples of the usage that damage fee is paid by the customers.
  • Scorches of cigarette.
  • Loss of items or attachments.
  • Graffitti, stains or marks by chemicals, foods or other materials.
  • Damages by the customer or pets.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.