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 Media coverage

Tokyo Lease Corporation's products appear in the various media. Some of the furniture may not be for sale now, but we sometimes have used products of the same style. Please ask us for the availability of the products.

TV Dramas

Cain and Abel

Our furniture was used in a TV Drama "Cain and Abel" of Fuji Television
"Cain and Abel"
Produced by:Fuji TV
©Fuji Television Network, inc. All rights reserved.

Photos from the drama.

Italian design couch sofas

American style Dining Set


Movie "Mix"

Romantic comedy of table tennis players. Female player Tamako finds a male to be a mixed-doubles team partner, Hagiwara, who was a professional boxer and tries to fix table tennis club.
Our furniture was used in the movie "Mix"

Couch Sofa B633-019RAF

Movie "Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High"

A school comedy about a boy named "Teiichi" wants to be election to be a head of the student council.
Main Cast: Teiichi : Masaki Suda;
Our furniture was used in the movie.

"Teiichi: Battle of Supreme High"
Official Website

American style dining table

Movie "The Long Excuse"

Our furniture was used in the film "The Long Excuse".

"The Long Excuse"
Showed from October 14 (Fri), 2016
Director: Miwa Nishikawa
Cast: Masahiro Motoki, Pistol Takehara, Hana Kuroki, Maho Yamada, Eri Fukatsu

Original Book:"The Long Excuse "(Published by Bungei-Sunju)

©2016 "The Long Excuse" Production

Shelves, Bed, Night Stands were used

Movie "Like Father, Like Son"

The 66th International Cannes Film Festival Award Winner
Our furniture was used in the film "Like Father, Like Son"

A dresser was used in the film.


New Tokyo Interior Shops vol.1

Azabu Interior ( Sales division of Tokyo Lease Corporation) showroom was published in an interior magazine among other 500 shops.

Nationwide Interior Shop Guide 2016-2017
Published by NEKO MOOK

Aazabu Interior appeared in an interior magazine, showing interior shops all around Japan.

English Newspapers

Japan News

Every two weeks, our ads appears on the top page of the Japan News.

The Japan Times

A popular newspaper for English speakers.
Periodical adds appear on the "Weekend Schine" along with maps of interesting places to visit in the weekends.


The Expat's Guide to Japan

Our ad appears in the free booklet "The Expat's Guide to Japan". If you want a copy, please E-mail us. Expat's Guide