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Our Services

Tokyo Lease Corporation's mission is to provide customers comfortable lifestyle in Japan.

Personal Assistance

Our experienced staff will help you select your furniture, appliances, or other items according to your budget and your apartment.

Checking floor plan and necessary furniture.

Choosing favorite style.

Trying softness and height of chairs.

You can also visit our warehouse and see even more of our extended inventory.


Our delivery staff are skilled in setting up furniture and most appliances.

All items are carefully handled by our experienced delivery staff.

Even large items are carried with ease.

Our staff will also handle installation and set up of appliances.

Ready to move in!


We provide furniture in good condition everyday. When your leasing furniture or appliances have a problem, we will repair or replace it. Our maintenance staff professionally cleans and repairs most of our products. We offer you worry-free rental services.


Pre-treatment solution

Shampoo cleaning

Vacuuming foam

Cleaning completed

Fixing wooden products

Fixing a cracked chair

Filling the crack

Repair in progress

Repair completed


Removing old cover

Cutting fabric to fit

Putting a new covering

Upholstery completed


Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

The low density ozone gas not only dissolves and eliminates odors, but also acts as a disinfectant. Ozone is commonly used in hospitals to disinfect operating rooms and medical devices as a deodorant and as an insecticide.

Sterilization room

Sterilization room

The furniture is sterilized using high-pressure carbon dioxide gas spray which has an extensive cover range. This is also used for extermination of insects in difficult places such as house walls.
This is especially effective against flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, ticks and similar.