Why furniture rental?

Relocating to Japan?

Corporate assignees sometimes need to move to new work place in a short time.
If you are assigned to work in Japan, furniture rental is a convenient way to set-up your new home in a short time without much work. Moreover, there are three reasons renting furniture is beneficial compared to buying new furniture or shipping furniture from your home country.

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3 reasons to rent furniture instead of shipping from your country or buying new furniture.

1. Sustainable

Instead of buying large furniture and mattresses then disposing of them when leaving this country, why not recycle with our rental service? Our professional cleaning staff quickly can restore used furniture to be rented again. This helps reduce waste and carbon emissions into the environment.

2. Time Saving

Our English-speaking designers will help you furnish your home. Just send us your floor plan, and we will do the rest.
A wide variety of furniture options are available for every member and age group in your family.
While renting furniture and appliances, we take care of any problems.
English manuals are available. We also install and explain how to use appliances at your home upon your request.

3. Cost Saving

Most of our used products are priced 40 to 60% off the list price, so renting furniture costs much less than buying furniture at retail stores.
Renting furniture also eliminates the cost of shipping furniture from your home country.

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