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Manufacturer YAMASAKI

Baby Bed Frame (Used)

SKU 21300869
Item No. 3 open b-side-DB
Size: W125 × D82 × H89 cm
Froor board height: 45or40 cm
Weight: 28Kg
Material: Natural beech wood (eco-urethane coating)
Color: Dark brown
With a Caster

*Frame only
Optional mattress(by Order)
Size: W70 x L120 cm

It can be opened and closed by sliding on both sides, so it is very convenient when laying the baby in the crib or picking it up. A three-open bed that can be used by placing a crib between the beds of dad and mom.
Front and rear frame slide type opening and closing (slides up and down) Horizontal frame opening and closing type (falls forward)
Floor board height adjustment in 2 stages (45, 40 cm from the floor)
With storage doors (2 locations) and shelves, with 4-wheel casters (all with stoppers)
(please note)
When the floorboards are set to the first level (45 cm from the floor) and the front and rear frames of the bed are lowered, the front and rear frames and the mat surface (with a solid cotton mat on the floorboards) are almost flat. If the floorboards are set on the second level (40cm from the floor), the front and rear frames and the mat surface will not be flat when the front and rear frames are lowered. The front frame will be several centimeters (5 to 10 cm) above the surface of the mat.
List Price: ¥ 40000
Price: ¥1,500 ¥1,650 incl.Tax

The price above is a monthly payment for the rental.
Inquire delivery fee.

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Manufacturer YAMASAKI
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