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ID Color_Mesh-OR_used
Manufacturer Granz

Mattress for Bunk Bed (Used)

Item No. Color Mesh-OR
Size: W97 x L195 x H8 cm
Color: Orange

This mattress uses all urethane foam, keeping in mind to be good for the environment.
Filling is fully urethane only, and when disposing since no metals are used it can be easily cut in to small pieces to throw away in the burnable trash.
(It is approved for this, but please check rules for your municipality before disposing)
Urethane Foam
The urethane foam is designed with moderate firmness adjusts to the shape of the body for comfortability.
The cover can be removed and is washable below 40 degrees Celsius in gentle mode in a washing machine or hand wash. It cannot be dry-cleaned.
Mesh Fabric
The cover is made with mesh fabric to enhance breathability and set free any moisture in the mattress and keeps it fresh.
List Price: ¥ 21000
Price: ¥1,000 ¥1,100 incl.Tax

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