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ID DECOBOCO2_Mattress_used_22201350
Manufacturer ACTUS

Mattress for Bunk Bed (Used)

SKU 22201350
Item No. DECOBOCO2 Mattress
Size: W97 x L197 x H10 cm
Material: Urethane foam

This mattress is for the Actus KIDS BED series, and is a urethane-only mattress that does not contain coils. Since it is lightweight, it can also be used as a bunk bed or loft bed. By arranging the urethane in a mountainous manner, it disperses pressure and creates a mattress with improved breathability. Since the same urethane is used on both sides, you can use it for a long time by rotating the front and back sides.
List Price: ¥ 32000
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