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Frame Art (Used)

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Item No. LA-10010/Lisa Audit
Size: W55 x H55 cm
Material: Resin frame
Gel processing special at the surface of the painting

[Product description]
Lisa Audit
Her work which is a pro-decoration artist does not remain only for oil painting, and acrylic or a sketch are expressed using every style. I am used for a poster and stationery, every other miscellaneous goods. Residence in Canada.
I paint the surface of the picture with special gel and am the art that expressed luster, a three-dimensional impression such as the oil painting.
By the manual labor of one point of one point craftsman, I paint with water-clear resin by an exclusive brush to a design.
By this work, I succeeded in reproducing unevenness, luster peculiar to oil painting in spite of a reproduction image.
This resin (acrylic emulsion resin) is superior in flexibility and water resistance with materials made of 100% acrylic.
I am strong in ultraviolet rays, too and crack like oil painting and it is burnt and may not change color.

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