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ID Mariposa-DC50_Silver_grey_Roma2230_u3320_21904538
Manufacturer BO-CONCEPT

4 Side Chairs Set (Used)

SKU 21904538
Item No. Mariposa Deluxe chair
Size: W43 x D59 x H82.5(SH47.5) cm
Seat: Silver grey Roma2230
Leg: Brushed steel

Looking for a modern dining chair that stands out and keeps you comfortably seated through even the longest of dinner parties? The Mariposa dining chair might very well be the answer to your prayers. With a contemporary design and a curved seat for added comfort, Mariposa not only looks great, it feels great. The Deluxe model’s dynamic leg design allows you to move your legs freely while opening up the look and accentuating the modern design.

List Price: ¥ 142680
Price: ¥15,800 ¥17,380 incl.Tax

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