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ID EX-LV81B_u2474_20709929
Manufacturer VALVANNE

TV Board (Used)

SKU 20709929
Item No. EX-LV81B / JVC Victor
Size: W78 x D50 x H48 cm
Color: Black
Top: Black Glass
1 Drop-down door
Outlet: 1 place 2-port(Max 1500W)

The AV equipment storage section, which is partially lifted from the floor, is easy to see the equipment display and is smart. Including the wiring hole of the back plate, the wiring work is easy, too. Victor's commitment shines even in the simple.
The glass of the top plate is not fixed, but is processed to prevent it from falling. While ensuring safety such as slippage and drop prevention, consideration is also given to making it easy to replace if damaged.

TV board only.
List Price: ¥ 60000
Price: ¥3,000 ¥3,300 incl.Tax

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