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ID MIN-150-BK_used_21906103
Manufacturer MK MAEDA

TV Board (Used)

SKU 21906103
Item No. MINIMAL TV Board/MIN-150-BK
Size: W150.1 x D41.6 x H35 cm
Color: Black
Top plate/Urethane coating
Front/urethane coating x half mirror glass
Main body/printed veneer
Load capacity: Top plate/approximately 60 kg, Drawer/about 5 kg
3 Drawers(full extension rail)

Painted with mirror paint, and 3 half mirrors in the front, this is a simple and minimalist design TV board called MINIMAL.
It has 3 drawers, and the left and right side drawers can fit media players.
The middle drawer has height so you can place DVDs standing up.
Due to the half mirrors remote controls work while doors are closed, and you can see slightly through to see what is inside.
The is holes for cables in the back and it is cut to fit to the wall even if there is base molding on the wall.
List Price: ¥ 100000
Price: ¥5,000 ¥5,500 incl.Tax

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